Update Feb. 16 at 7 p.m.: Browning is a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying mathematics and computer science. 

Browning was booked on the evening of Feb. 15 (Lane County Inmate Search)

Eugene Police arrested 21-year-old Dylan Ray Browning Thursday evening on charges of extortion after he allegedly placed a threatening note on the windshield of a resident of The Hub.

According to a press release put out by EPD, the note told the victim to deliver a large sum of money to the mailboxes at 1255 Mill St. and included threats of what would happen if the demands were not met.

Lieutenant David Natt said that the contents of the note would not be released as it’s still under investigation, but the nature of the note was troubling and that the “pressure that was put on the victim would reasonably upset a person under similar circumstances.” Natt said that this type of crime is unusual in Eugene and that the victim of the crime was based on the value of their vehicle.

Natt asked anyone to come forward if they were victims of a similar crime.

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