A man who reportedly pulled out a gun at Taylor’s Bar and Grill early Tuesday morning has been arrested, police officers at the scene said. There were no injuries, according to the Eugene Police Department and Taylor’s General Manager Eric Clarke.


That man was Forest Laughner. The incident began when Laughner was asked to leave the bar by Taylor’s security staff. That’s when he revealed the gun in his waistband and “menaced at least three employees,” according to a statement released by Melinda McLaughlin, the Eugene Police Department’s public information officer.

The altercation out on the porch was shortly after 1 a.m., Clarke said.

According to McLaughlin’s statement, Laughner then ran away from the bar, and Taylor’s staff “followed at a distance.” He didn’t make it far though — EPD arrested him on the corner of East 11th Avenue and Alder Street. Police also seized his concealed handgun license.

Here’s a screenshot of his booking info at Lane County jail.

Laughner received six charges at the time of his arrest, and was taken to Lane County jail.

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