Oregon placekicker Rob Beard, 19, of Fullerton, Calif., was charged with fourth-degree assault by the Eugene Police Department on Tuesday because of his role in an incident on January 24.

According to Eugene police spokesperson Melinda Kletzok, the charge is a misdemeanor and not considered a felony. Beard has been cited in lieu of custody, which means he will not report to jail but rather attend a mandatory court appearance.

The assault charge stems from an altercation Beard had with Tavia Jo Ames, 19, of Eugene. Kletzok could not comment as to the exact nature of the altercation.

Beard was originally hospitalized at Sacred Heart Medical Center after a fight that allegedly included 20 to 40 other people. He was found unconscious after being kicked numerous times in the head. He stayed in the intensive care unit for one day before undergoing facial reconstruction surgery.

The incident took place at the intersection of 17th and Hilyard and reportedly occurred around 12:30 a.m.

Kirby Taylor Hawkins, 19, of Portland, and Maurice Dion Peterson III, 20, of Eugene, have also been charged in the incident, both for second-degree assault. Hawkins and Peterson attend Lane Community College, and Peterson was a member of the Titans basketball team during his freshman year.

Fellow Oregon kicker Mike Bowlin, 18, of Mission Viejo, Calif., was also involved in the fight but did not sustain serious injuries. Allegedly, it was Beard who came to Bowlin’s defense before he was knocked unconscious. Bowlin has yet to be charged of any crime, but he has since left the University.

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