They said he tried to stab them with a knife.

When Iris Becerra was walking to 7-11 in the adjacent parking lot for her break, she heard police sirens. Upon exiting the convenience store to head back to work, she saw a man running toward the taco shop where he and another were later handcuffed once police arrived.

Eugene police officers say the two were involved in a dispute wherein one of the suspects says the other menaced him with a knife. Names have not yet been released.

“It just started as a dispute. One person pulled out a weapon, menaced a group of individuals. As soon as officers arrived, the suspects fled on foot,” said Sgt. Kyle Williams. “That’s why it turned into a significant police response.”

The suspect detained near the western entrance of the restaurant, who was wearing blue shorts and no shirt, told police the other man pulled out a knife when he approached. The suspect wearing blue shorts was responding to a dispute between the other man and two women. That’s when the shirtless man says the other pulled out the knife and menaced him.

Becerra, the Burrito Boy employee, says she saw police swarming to the parking lot by the time she got back to the restaurant to resume her shift.

Police say there’s no official word yet on what the charges will be.

“It’s looking like it’s going to be some charges regarding failing to stop for the police, essentially, menacing and some low-level dispute stuff,” Williams said. “We don’t know what that actually looks like or what the charges are going to be yet.”

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