A jury trial is set to begin on May 2 for former University of Oregon student Sean Donald Wood, who was arrested on sexual assault charges in March 2016.

Sean Wood (Lane County Courthouse)

Wood is charged with unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree, attempting to commit a Class A felony, sexual abuse in the first degree, assault in the fourth degree and strangulation. These charges all stem from one incident that occurred in February 2016. Wood has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Prosecutors also charged Wood for a September 2013 incident involving a separate victim. The state alleged that Wood “did unlawfully and knowingly subject [survivor] to sexual intercourse, the said [survivor] not consenting thereto.” The charge for the 2013 incident appears to have been dropped, as it is not present in the latest indictment.

The survivors of both alleged assaults were UO students. Wood was a student when he was arrested last year, but is no longer enrolled at the university. Wood’s parents posted $30,000 of his $300,000 bail following his arrest, and he was allowed to return home to San Diego. He is only allowed to travel between California and Oregon to go to court.

Here are the first charges brought against Wood in March 2016.

Here are the revised charges, brought in October 2016.

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