1. Laptop Backpack: OK, it is pricey but some things are worth investing in, such as a durable backpack. Keeps laptop safe and comes in complementary neutral tones.  $219.95.

2.Polka Dot Backpack: Polka dots have been a big deal since summer or so. This bag would make a trench coat pop and could go out with you at night. $49.25.

3. Vintage Equestrian-inspired Backpack: A smaller backpack with beautifully “equestrian charm” printed vinyl material and a leather base. $59.

4. “Denim Sailor” Backpack: This designer has a number of one-of-a-kind backpacks, such as this one. Pinstripe flap embellished with nautical studs and a dark denim bottom — this bag is a great addition for those days when you don’t feel like saying a whole lot with the rest of your outfit. $75.

5. “The Hefty Investment” Backpack: This rucksack is pricey, but it is incredibly dependable. It is water-repellent and comes in a nice tan or green color. $265.

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