Popular online retailer Zappos was hacked back in January, but the legal proceedings have proven to be more trouble for the footwear giant. The court has found that Zappos’s End User Licence Agreement was unenforceable according to Boing Boing Magazine, meaning that the company is in a great deal of trouble with customers.

In big name game releases comes “Assassin’s Creed III,” the fifth entry (really) in Ubisoft’s popular franchise. You play as Connor, the latest addition to the lineup of assassins, and are tasked with fighting the series’ long-standing villians, the Templars.  The game is standing on an 86 out of 100 average at Metacritic, with critics citing an immersive game world and clever Revolutionary War setting as the game’s strong points.

With Hurricane Sandy comes the inevitable influx of pictures from the disaster area and The Atlantic has a breakdown of what’s real and what’s Photoshopped.

William Shatner has created an app where you can write poetry over his face and have it recited to you in his trademark delivery, according to Wired Magazine. The world is a strange and wonderful place.

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