Big news from Apple this week: the iPad mini was announced. The new tablet PC is smaller, faster and features a longer battery life than the iPad 3. Revealed alongside the new hardware was an update for existing iOS devices and the iPad 4, the next iteration of the classic iPad line.

Two analysts from Citigroup were fired for leaking the Facebook IPO to journalists at TechCrunch, according to Wired Magazine. The breach comes in a long line of events regarding the Facebook IPO that Wired is calling  a “case study on how not to handle a large securities offering.” Citigroup was fined $2 million for the indiscretions.

Wired released a piece that asks the question, “Are video game consoles on the way out?”

In case you were feeling a little too comfortable for Halloween here’s a terrifying pumpkin zombie that’ll clean any latent comfort right up.

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