Two students have been recognized by the University of Oregon Police Department after following a suspected thief and recovering a stolen laptop on campus.

Robby Brown and Alana Rogers were studying at the Knight Library Sunday night when they saw what appeared to be a man stealing a laptop. The two students called police, while following the man out of the library. As the man fled, he threw the laptop into some bushes just as a UOPD officer pulled up and apprehended the suspected thief.  @@names [email protected]@

“I can’t say enough about people getting involved like this,” said Pete Deshpande, UOPD Police Captain. “It’s so important for folks to let us know about what’s happening and where it’s happening.”

The two students received a certificate of thanks from UOPD, and personal thanks from UOPD interim Chief Carolyn McDermed and Captain Pete Deshpande. @@names [email protected]@

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