Name: Jamie Barclift

Position: Daytime manager/bartender at Max’s (550 E 13th Ave.), managing daytime duties and inventory.

Previous experience: None, started working in 2010.

Favorite thing about Max’s: Meeting all the cool different people, and all the free popcorn.

Popular drink: Old Fashioneds and Whiskey Sours.

Favorite experience: When Max’s closes at 2 a.m., people inside will close the night out by standing on benches and belting out classics such as “Don’t Stop Believing” and end with “Sweet Caroline” to signify the end of the night.

Interesting fact about Max’s: It’s the oldest bar in the Eugene area that has stayed in the same location since 1932.


Name: Ashly Plesha

Position: Both day and night bartender at The Webfoot Bar and Grill (839 E 13th Ave.).

Previous experience: None, started working in March 2012.

Favorite thing about The Webfoot: The laid-back and chill atmosphere.

Popular drink: The Webfoot Punch (think of an Long Island Iced Tea but with sweet and sour mix and grape juice).

Favorite experience: Hosting gameday events and meeting people.

Interesting fact about The Webfoot: Owner Justin Walker is a diehard Chicago Cubs fan, which explains all the Cubs memorabilia on the wall. Next to all the cool Duck stuff, of [email protected]@dude has had season tickets for decades in his family. Really [email protected]@


Name: Annette Lee

Position: Manager at Rennie’s Landing (1214 Kincaid St.) for 17 years.

Previous experience: Managing bars for over 25 years.

Favorite thing about Rennie’s: Tuesday Trivia and Sunday hip-hop on the roof.

Popular drink: Rennie’s Lemonade (mainly orange and raspberry-flavored vodka and lemonade).

Interesting fact about Rennie’s: Popular place for not only students, but also professors and other staff around the University. Rennie’s also hosts private parties and has an extensive happy hour.


Name: Danielle

Position: Daytime/night bartender at Taylor’s Bar and Grille (894 E 13th Ave.).

Previous experience: Started working four months ago.

Favorite thing about Taylor’s: Enjoys the fun and crazy atmosphere, hosting gameday parties and meeting all the different people.

Popular drink: Hop Valley Beer on tap, along with Red Bull Vodkas and don’t forget Wednesday Dollar Beer nights.

Interesting fact about Taylor’s: The Blues Brothers once performed on the dance stage. New to Taylor’s this year are two real oil paintings over the dance platform that are of the Pope and Oregon alum Phil Knight set in a religious pose.

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