At 8:15 a.m. today, University of Oregon graduates and their loved ones gathered at the intersection of 13th Avenue and University Street to participate in the annual “Duck Walk Parade” to Matthew Knight Arena for the university-wide graduation ceremony. We sent Emerald photographers Jamie Perry and Meerah Powell to the event to document some of the Class of 2015’s most embellished graduation caps. Here’s what they brought back.

Nolan Rogers, a business major, keeps it cheesy on graduation day. (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Molly Fullerton, a general science major, decorated her grad cap with a variety of colorful plastic dinosaurs, plants and flowers.


Caghain McCoy, a psychology major, wears a plush neuron on top of his grad cap. “Because I study brains, get it?” (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Brianna Huber, journalism and humanities, rocks a beautifully-decorated, Harry Potter-themed cap. You won’t need the Lumos Maxima spell to see this dazzler. (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Justin Johnson, a psychology major, wears a crown fit for a king on top of his grad cap. (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Bianca Archilla, an anthropology major, gives a shout-out to her mom as well as a shout out to her job at Disneyland on this cap. (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Haley Morris, an advertising major, showcases a photo collage of her loved ones on her grad cap. (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Adam Bailey, a journalism major, wants us to know that he’s “kind of a big deal.” Stay classy, UO! (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Nikki Nguyen, an advertising major, shows off a beautifully decorated and colorful mandala design on her grad cap. (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Katelyn Green, a political science major, lets everyone know that she is #ready to take on the working world with this bedazzled cap. (Meerah Powell/Emerald)

Social science major Lauren Frei’s cap is a testament to girl power and a supportive shout-out to survivors of sexual assault. (Jamie Perry/Emerald)

Kaela Thomas, a French major, dares “to boldly go,” where no one has gone before, a reference to the Star Trek franchise. (Jamie Perry/Emerald)

Alexandra Stewart, a general science major, shows off her worldly cap with a thanks to mom and dad. (Jamie Perry/Emerald)

McKenzie Donaldson, a business and Spanish major, dons a worldly cap as well. (Jamie Perry/Emerald)

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