Unfortunately for many including myself, acne is something that will never go away. No matter how many times we clean our faces with soap and special creams, it becomes annoying when we wake up in the morning to find a nice surprise on the top of our foreheads after all the hard work to keep acne at bay.

As I’ve grown older, my acne has been relatively easy to combat, just some hot water and soap during a shower and my face is clear. My family recently moved out east to Nashville, Tennessee, this summer, and during the first week of winter break, I noticed an unpleasant hike in breakouts on my face. The air is warmer and drier than it is in the Pacific Northwest, and it might actually contribute for the zits to return.

So what’s the deal?

Acne is caused when dirt, dead skin cells and hormones clog skin pores. Sometimes even weather and beauty products can harm your face and make caring for your face more miserable.

According to an article on Yahoo! Health, @@checked [email protected]@the stresses of traveling and a change in the environment can cause outbreaks, with help from sudden humidity, the heat index and how dry the air is, such as my case. Be careful about the water too, as minerals and certain fluoride can create breakouts. The article also cites a few more recommendations to avoid acne:

—If you attend yoga classes that require you to use public mats, highly consider getting one yourself. Other people have been sweating all over that mat and putting your body on it doesn’t help. Place a towel over it to keep yourself away from the germs.

—Telephones are a known danger zones for plenty of bacteria, which include the phone in your pocket. Constantly holding it against your face spreads the dirt around, so clean it daily with Clorox wipes.

Doing the little things will help keep the pimples at bay.

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