Fraternities and sororities are rich in history, and the physical houses themselves are no exception. Though these are our homes now, they have been home to thousands before us for nearly a century long. These walls are rich with history and have seen laughter, growth and horror. Here are some famous Greek Life hauntings around the country.

Marshall University (West Virginia)

The Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter house is home to more than just the fraternity brothers. It is said that “Gail” and her two children occupy the old house as well; though according to an article published in their school paper, the brothers don’t seem to mind. They see Gail as a motherly watcher, despite the sobs and wails that can be heard from the basement with unexplained images. The mother and her two children were supposedly killed in a fire that occurred where the basement is now located.

Slippery Rock University (Pennsylvania)

Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity moved into an off-campus house and found themselves with another roommate, whom they named “Ted.” He would throw objects and make unexpected sounds throughout the day, but it was at night that the real spookiness happened. Brothers reported short circuits and footsteps on the third floor despite nobody being there. Ted apparently didn’t like his new name and became more aggressive after being given the name, throwing their heavy wooden paddles off the wall. The spooky story is featured on SyFy’s “School Spirits” special.

Kansas State University (Kansas)

After a Pi Beta Phi sorority woman was electrocuted by her hairdryer in the 1960s, things got a bit weird in the house. Lambda Chi Alpha took over the house in the 1990s and Polly, the sister, was no fan of the change. She would slam doors and would randomly turn the lights on and off throughout the house. Her loyalty to her Pi Phi sisters is forever.

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