Ever wish you could smell like you’ve spent your morning rolling around in the pantry? Now, you can! Perfume has busted its way into the food industry (or vise versa?), allowing customers to smell like their favorite food. Let’s take a look at some of the weirder ones.

The Stir gives their own take on such classics as Fargginay’s Bacon Cologne, in case you wanted to inspire random strangers to nibble on your shoulder. Just spritzing that stuff brings to mind grease stains.

Also mentioned is Burger King’s Flame, a title just seductive enough to make the wearer forget that they’re willingly applying the scent of Whoppers to their skin. A blogger for Chomposaurus gave the fragrence a try and said, “If you want to know what a Burger King smells like when it’s burning down in a horrible grease fire, though, this is probably as close as you get to the real thing.”

Can you stomach some more?

Canadian Pizza Huts debuted their brand of perfume earlier this month. This started out as a joke on the Pizza Hut Facebook page. The first 100 fans to message the page after it was announced that the perfume would become a reality got a free bottle of the limited-edition fragrance. Even now, there might be people walking around with the scent of “the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened.”

But let’s end on a happy note. One perfume I can actually see being a bit appealing is Angel Food Demeter Fragrance for women. Can’t do too much wrong with sugar and vanilla, provided it isn’t too sticky when applied.

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