Looking to find a more sophisticated beverage when desiring an alcoholic drink? Perhaps your 21st birthday has finally happened and the world of possibilities for drinks to consume became so much more achievable. Do yourself a favor and put away the plastic bottles of cheap alcohol and invest in some delicious and more age-appropriate cocktails. These tasty favorites are sure to broaden the run-of-the-mill house party drink selection.

1) Izakaya Meiji Company 345 Van Buren St.    

Meiji’s is the perfect diving point for unique and interesting drinks. The restaurant serves Japanese cuisine and specializes in cocktails. The dark atmosphere is decorated with numerous bottles, creating an impressive display behind the bar. There are more than 100 different whiskeys available as well as other alcoholic beverages on hand to mix.

What to try: Painkiller 8

The drink contains Pusser’s Navy Strength Rum, Cruzan Light Rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and orange juice. Shaken over ice and garnished with fresh pineapple and ground nutmeg. @@ facts checked @@

2) The Granary Pizza Company 259 E. Fifth Ave.

This pizza company surprisingly has some of the best happy hour deals in town but also offers delicious cocktails. The atmosphere often includes live music, delicious pizza and a cocktail of one’s choice.

Try the “best drink” according to one of the bartenders:

A refreshing blend of Tanqueray gin, fresh mint, lemon and lime, orange juices, topped off with Reed’s Ginger Brew. @@ facts checked @@

3) Agate Alley Bistro  1461 E. 19th Ave.

This bistro, a Northwest diner with some Asian and Latin influence, offers unique cocktails as well as a dinner menu. When dining here, be sure to sip on the Agate Alley Lemonade, a popular choice to accompany meals.

The drink contains:

Absolute Citron, ginger syrup, lemon juice, fresh and juicy pomegranate and bubbly soda.

Consider pairing drinks with a burger for a delectable combination. @@ facts checked @@

4)  The Vintage 837 Lincoln St.  

The Vintage, located in downtown Eugene, may be the best bang for your buck when it comes to cocktails. On any given Tuesday, the venue holds “Tuesday Boozeday,” in which all cocktails are half 0ff.

A definite must is the Lava Rock Rum.

It contains coconut rum, Midori melon liqueur, fresh pineapple and orange juices, a berry puree, a tiny splash of cream and a Pop Rocks rim to top it all off. @@ facts checked @@

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