1. Quilted Teal Bag:  From ModCloth, with a faux leather and gold chain strap. Perfect size to take out for day or night. This is the kind of bag you want to have when you don’t feel like dressing outrageous, but want a piece that makes you stand out, subtly yet surely. $30.

2. Sandy Blouse:  Another ModCloth item. You could probably purchase a top with similar lining for cheaper if you searched hard enough, but the colors here are too good. I’m a sucker for a good button-up, or button-down, and am easily swayed by opal-colored buttons. Basically, I ordered one. $30.

3. Lemon Blouse:  From Nasty Gal, this piece is reminiscent of Betty Draper. Tuck it into pants, wear over leggings or a fitted basic dress. It could potentially work as a picnic tablecloth, too, making this a well-rounded purchase. $34.

4. ‘80s Suede Oxfords:  An Etsy item. Good looking, slight heel. A nice leather staple for anyone’s wardrobe. $36.

5. Big Gold Necklace:  Another Etsy find. Like having a gilded, braided baguette around your neck, but slightly cooler. $24.

*Bonus item*

Kitty Garden Party Mini Skirt: The skirt’s namesake makes a great jingle if you sing it to yourself. $48.

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