In honor of Halloween, it seems appropriate to remind people of a recent body modification fad popular among Japanese hipster youth: Bagel heads.

This procedure could work to your advantage if you want to be a warlock or a villain from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Here’s why:  Gluing on gashes and demonic horns is tedious. Plus, if you get really into your costume character to the point of sweating, sometimes makeup slides off, leaving your fake wounds looking more like droopy, skin-colored Band-Aids. From experience, people don’t like to be around people whose Band-Aids are flopping.

To avoid all of this, injecting saline into your forehead means not worrying about whether you scraped too hard against your disposable warts. Once saline is injected into the forehead, the artist achieves the “bagel” appearance by taking his or her thumbs and indents the center of the saline bubble, according to The New York Daily News. The saline stays in place for up to sixteen hours, so you may celebrate Halloween for two days instead of one.


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