25 Ducks: Emma Carscallen

Emma Carscallen is a 21-year-old from Beaverton, Oregon majoring in international students, linguistics and Spanish. (Taylor Wilder/Emerald)

Age: 21

Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon

Year: Senior

Major: International Studies, Linguistics, Spanish

Dream Job: “I don’t really have a dream job. I suppose any position where I can help different cultures and communities connect.”

Why are you attending UO?

“I’m from Oregon. So I grew up here and when it came time to choose a school I wanted to go somewhere where I can enjoy the environment and all of the programs that the University of Oregon has available.”

How/why do you want to change the world?

“I want to change the world because there’s always the possibility for improvement. The how will probably be by better connecting people. It’s something naturally happening in the world but I feel there is room for people to better understand each other.”

What has been the best part of your college experience?

“One of the best parts of my college experience, divided into two parts, where my two study abroad experience. They helped trained me world view and helped me make the most of my time here at the university. “

What are you proud to have been involved with at UO?

“Really, I’m proud to have been involved with study abroad. But, also in the promotion of language learning in particular. “

What are some of your goals after college?

“My goal involves primarily getting a job where I can make a difference. I want to continue learning about the world and play an active role in shaping it. “

Whose your biggest role model/influencer?

“All of my advisors, language teachers, and bosses.”

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