Three University Department of Public Safety officers passed the Police Career Officer [email protected]@ test on April 17.

Acting In-Charge Director/Chief Carolyn [email protected]@, Lieutenant Mike [email protected]@ and Lieutenant Brandon [email protected]@ are all certified police officers after passing the five-hour test and 80-hour course required to understand relevant laws, rules and police practices, according to a press release sent Friday.

“I think the main goal for the test was to learn the laws,” said Lebrecht, who previously worked as a police officer in Sacramento, Calif. “Going through this course was very helpful.”

The three officers will add to Lieutenant Andy Bechdolt, who recently has served with Lane County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. DPS Chief Doug [email protected]@ will be at the police academy in Salem until June. Two more officers started police academy training April 23.

“It’s very gratifying for us because there’s a lot of work that goes into passing (the test),” DPS spokesperson Kelly McIver [email protected]@ “They have to be on top of their game as officers.”

DPS is working on hiring or training more officers. The biggest problem they currently have is balancing officers actively working for DPS and going through training.

“We’re working through the steady progress of continuing to convert more officers into sworn and certified police,” McIver said.

DPS plans on having a minimum eight sworn officers by the 2012-13 school year.

“It’s just part of the transition — we still have a long road ahead,” Lebrecht said. “I don’t know about a time line, but it’s always a plus to be able to move forward”

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