EUGENE POLICE DEPARTMENT WEEKEND WRAP-UP From midnight Friday, April 24 to noon Sunday, April 26.

44 Theft incidents 23 Disorderly subject incidents 23 Loud noise incidents 9 Assault incidents 4 Burglary incidents


Incident: Loud Noise Location: 1320 Oak Patch Rd. When: Friday, April 24 Time: 3:51 a.m. What: A caller reported a male suspect lurking in a wooded area on the edge of his or her apartment property being loud and kicking and breaking things against trees. This was the second time the caller reported the suspect near the property.

Incident: Suspicious Condition(s) Location: 1230 Oak St. When: Friday, April 24 Time: 8:47 a.m. What: An unknown male with a metal chain around his ankles was on a porch of a house trying to saw through the chain with a metal saw, a caller reported.

Incident: Disorderly Subject Location: Jefferson Street and West 13th Avenue When: Friday, April 24 Time: 9:36 p.m. What: A caller reported that an unknown male chased her and her friends to her car, and then jumped on top of the vehicle, yelling and cursing at them. The caller’s vehicle was not damaged.

Incident: Loud Noise Location: 1605 Mill St. When: Saturday, April 25 Time: 3:56 p.m. What: About 17 people at a party were reportedly throwing bicycle parts and a chair up into a nearby tree.

Incident: Suspicious Condition(s) Location: Pranz Place and Charles Street When: Saturday, April 25 Time: 6:52 p.m. What: A caller reported that a man came up to his or her door trying to sell vacuums. The man did not have any model vacuums with him and asked the caller if he could go upstairs and look around the house. The man was with two other males, and the caller was worried that the group was “casing the neighborhood.”

Incident: Loud Noise Location: 2486 Mission Ave. When: Saturday, April 25 Time: 11:15 p.m. What: According to a caller, a man, who was accompanied by 10 to 15 people talking loudly, was twirling a flaming baton around in his backyard. ­

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