Firetrucks arrived at the edge of campus Friday night in response to an apartment fire in the Courtside student apartment complex. At approximately 7 p.m., smoke alarms in the Villard Street complex were set off by a cooking fire in a fifth-floor apartment.

Ashley Spann, a Courtside resident who called authorities, had just gotten to the complex when smoke alarms started going off. According to Spann, who lives two doors away from the apartment that caught fire, the Courtside residents self-evacuated after seeing the smoke.

“We all just left the building because it seemed too big to do anything,” Spann said.

Eugene Fire Department Battalion Chief Don Vaught said the fire had already been put out by the sprinkler system by the time firefighters arrived at the scene. He said damage caused was mainly on the fifth, fourth and third floors, and that most of the damage was caused by water from the sprinklers. @@name [email protected]@

The cost of damage has not yet been reported.

In January, a fire broke out at Courtside’s sister complex, Skybox.

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