Senioritis, a growing epidemic that infects many students finishing their last year of college, is particularly rampant during spring term. Often categorized by a disinterest in homework, a decrease in class attendance and a general desire to focus on partying instead of school and other commitments. Senioritis isn’t avoidable, but it is manageable.

Here are some steps you can take to control senioritis — that is, if you even want to.

Reward yourself after finishing your homework

University senior Randy Yim@@ likes to reward himself after a difficult week of school by doing or trying something new.

“I created a bucket list of things that I want to do in the Eugene area before I graduate,” he said.

His list includes attending the new Level Up Arcade@@ restaurant and bar opening next weekend and sampling the cuisine at Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen.

Organize and prioritize

In order to avoid procrastination, make sure to organize your commitments. University senior Jessica Ridgway@@ said she likes to write notes in her planner to stay organized.

Once you know your upcoming week, it becomes easier to manage assignments and attend Thirsty Thursday festivities. And if you don’t like carrying around a planner, use your phone or computer to keep track of assignments.

“My iPhone has been a great friend for organizing everything,” Yim said.

He uses the iPhone calendar and notes application to stay on top of all his tasks.

Use self-control (literally)

If you can discipline yourself to stay focused on schoolwork, senioritis can be controlled. University senior Jerica Pitts@@ has been taking advantage of technology in order to hone in on her studies.

“I downloaded the Self-Control app on my Mac to block websites that I go to that distract me,” Pitts said.

She chose to block certain websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Hulu during finals week last term in order to stay focused on her studies.

Take it day-by-day

Avoid overwhelming yourself if you’re taking a full-credit load and are involved in too many activities to bolster your resume for the too-near future.

“Take it day-by-day instead of thinking of the term as 10 weeks,” Pitt said.

Try not to focus on the term as a whole or else you can get overwhelmed. Use a checklist to manage your finished tasks for each day, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Maintain a balance

It’s important to create a balance with classes and social time.

“Don’t skip class, and don’t stay out too late,” Ridgway said. “But don’t isolate yourself and become a hermit by only focusing on school.”

If you try to completely avoid senioritis, you may end up missing out on a social life. Senioritis may be inevitable, but there are steps you can take to not be a complete flake!

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