Forty six cases of crime were reported to UOPD from Aug. 13 to Sept. 1, including 15 cases of warrant arrest and 19 cases of bike theft.

The Emerald had a chance to witness a warrant arrest made on Sept. 2 in front of Barnhart Hall around 10:30 p.m. Eden Benson, a non UO affiliated individual, was taken into custody after Officer Adam Lillengreen found her trespassing on the university residence hall.

Benson, 25, was high on heroin at the time, Lillengreen said, according to his interaction with her. He later found seven syringes in her two backpacks, all of which had their needles taken out. Benson told the officers that she used them to inject heroin anally, a method called “poofing.” Lillengreen said he has never heard of it before.
UOPD found 7 needles in Benson’s possession on Sept. 2. She was later taken into jail under five warrants. (Tran Nguyen/Emerald)

Benson, originally from Michigan, moved to Eugene, Ore. about two years ago, she told Lillengreen. This was not the first time Lillengreen gave her a citation either – he encountered her roughly a year ago when she was with a man named “Mickey,” Lillengreen recalled. This time, she was by herself, and her possessions were limited. She had a bike, some marijuana, two pocket knives, some pain pills, basic toiletries and a beer in her two backpacks.

Benson was arrested under five warrants including fraud, possession of meth and heroin and identity theft. Each warrant costs $50,000 in bail money. When Lillengreen was checking her in to the Lane County Jail in Downtown Eugene, he asked Benson if she would consider getting off the drugs.

“I don’t have anyone,” Benson said as she stopped struggling with the handcuffs and sat up on the wooden bench. “I have been doing drugs for 17 years now.”

“You matter,” Lillengreen said. “Sometimes it’s going to take 100 times, but you have got to try.”

“Thank you,” Benson said. It was the last thing she said to Lillengreen before deputies took her in jail.

Eden Benson was caught trespassing Barnhart Sept. 2. She was later taken into jail under five warrants. (Tran Nguyen/Emerald)


Other notable crimes are also listed below.

August 13 

Criminal mischief: Lot 31

Warrant arrest: 11 Coburg Road – Arrest

August 14

DUII: East Broadway & Ferry

August 15

Criminal mischief: Lot 04

Theft: Spencer View Apartments

Criminal mischief – Graffiti: East 11th & Franklin

August 17

Criminal mischief – Graffiti: Knight Library

Bike theft: Fenton Hall

Theft: 90 Commons Drive

August 19

DUII: 1859 Franklin Blvd

Bike theft: EMU

Bike theft: Spencer View Apartments

Criminal trespass: Spencer View Apartments – Arrest

August 20

DUII: 510 E Broadway

Unlawful Possession Firearm: E 12th & Hilyard – Arrest

DUII: E 12th & Hilyard – Arrest

Assault 4-APA: E 12th & Patterson – Arrest

Bike theft: Walton Complex

August 22

Theft: Knight Library

Theft: P.K. Park

August 23

Theft: Spencer View Apartments

Theft, Interfering with Police, Disorderly Conduct: Moshofsky Center – Arrest

Theft: 2260 Providence St. – Arrest

August 24

Criminal trespass: Knight Library

Bike theft: 735 E 14th

Theft from Vehicle, Unlawful Entry of a Motor Vehicle: Lot 57

August 25

Criminal mischief – Graffiti: Lillis Hall

Bike theft: Clinical Services Building

Theft from Vehicle, Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle: Lot 16 – Arrest

August 26

DUII: 1400 block Onyx St. – Arrest

Warrant arrest: 555 E 15th – Arrest

August 27

Theft from a Vehicle, Unlawful Entry of a Motor Vehicle, Fraudulent Use Credit Card: 1801 E 18th Ave – Open case

DUII: E 19th & Alder Alley

August 28

Minor in Possession of Alcohol: E 14th & Patterson

DUII: E 12th Aly & Alder – Arrest

Warrant Arrest, Possess Meth: Carson Hall – Arrest

Warrant Arrest, Possess Meth, False Info to Police: Carson Hall – Arrest

Bike theft: Spencer View Apartments

August 29

Warrant arrest: E 8th & Hilyard – Arrest

Bike theft: Spencer View Apartments

Theft from Vehicle, UEMV: 1370 Bond Ln

August 30

Theft from Vehicle: 1735 W 10th Ave

Hit & Run: University St & Johnson Ln

September 1

DUII: Franklin & Walnut – Arrest

Harassment: Portland campus

Burglary: 200 SW Market St

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