The outreach director is the public face of the Emerald. The Emerald’s outreach director will help to coordinate hiring and expand our presence on campus through visiting classrooms and meeting with student groups. The outreach director also works with the business side to coordinate events for the Emerald, such as fundraisers and the Best of Campus event.


Outreach director responsibilities:

- Frequently visit SOJC and other relevant major classrooms to recruit for the Emerald.

- Work with the newsroom advisor and desk editors to arrange and conduct training for the newsroom on writing, editing, interviewing, copy editing and other journalistic skills trainings on specific subjects for the newsroom. This process would also include arranging guest trainings from professors as well as cross trainings from Emerald employees.

- Actively organize newsroom and business department support for Emerald-wide promotions and events.

- Work closely with the engagement editor to organize any campaigns or projects done by the social desk.

- Be the No. 1 contact person for UO student organizations that are interested in having any of their events or promotions covered by the Emerald.

- Work with individual desk editors to develop outlined training procedures for their respective desks and help use said procedures to train new employees.

- Manage the [email protected] email and relay new information about potential applicants to desks.

- Update the copy on our website to let applicants know which desks are hiring.  


Outreach director essay questions:

- Our goal for this year is to centralize the Emerald’s hiring processes and be more open to the public. What are some immediate flaws you see in our current system and how would you go about fixing them?

- One common complaint I’ve heard is that no one knows when the Emerald is hiring. How would you better advertise the Emerald’s hiring needs to interested candidates and encourage them to apply?

- The Emerald isn’t only for journalism students. How would you reach out to various student organizations and different majors to recruit potential applicants?

- The outreach director is a position that wears many hats, how would you balance your various work duties with your school work and social life?

- As outreach director, you would often be presenting in front of and organizing large groups of people. Please describe your experience with public speaking and management abilities.

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