The managing editor performs a variety of roles and generally serves as counsel to the Emerald newsroom. To be more specific, the managing editor works closely with the art director, curates the newsletter, edits cover stories and often answers difficult questions of ethics and fact when they arise. A managing editor must hold themselves to high ethical and editorial standards and have a solid understanding of how the Emerald operates. This position is a serious time commitment that requires devotion to the newsroom. Since the managing editor will oversee digital and print aspects of the Emerald, they will be paid more than other management positions.


Managing editor responsibilities:

- Coordinate and schedule cover stories. This includes hosting cover pitch meetings, working with writers across desks and coordinating with the writer, photographer, videographer and designer to create a cohesive cover story.

- Oversee Sunday print productions and manage a team of designers and editors.

- Oversee production of special sections like Game Day, Duck Season etc.

- Work with the EiC to decide what goes into the Emerald’s print edition.

- Curate the DailyE newsletter during the week.

- Edit every article that goes into print and help editors/writers to develop and curate cover stories.

- Work with the art director to ensure quality cover stories and spreads.

- Provide advice and offer insight to reporters and editors when ethical issues arise.

- Supervise editing for cover stories with reporter, desk editor and any other parties with an interest in the cover story.

- Ensure that the Emerald meets content quotas and monitor quality and meet with desk editors and the EiC to talk about solutions when that isn’t the case.


Managing editor essay questions:

- If hired, how would you improve your area’s workflow?

- Please describe your management experience and how you would work with other desk editors.

- As managing editor, you will have input in shaping the Emerald’s coverage through encouraging writers to pitch cover stories and interesting content. How will you ensure that we are engaging with communities that we have not covered well enough in the past?

- As mentioned above, the managing editor serves as a counsel and newsroom sage. Please describe what journalistic ethics means to you and your approach to dealing with conflicts of interest in reporting.

- We want to increase our watchdog coverage next year due to the amount of private construction happening on campus. However, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to watchdog reporting. Please pitch three stories that you would like to see the Emerald pursue next year. Where should we be focusing our efforts and why? There is no word count for this prompt, but it should cover the basics: What the story is, who you should talk to and why it is newsworthy.