The engagement editor is responsible for overseeing the Emerald’s social media accounts and making sure that each account has a consistent voice. Next year, we are hoping to find new ways to responsibly monetize content. The engagement editor will work closely with the editor-in-chief and the business side to make sure that we are doing this ethically.


Engagement editor responsibilities:

- Oversee all of the Emerald’s social media accounts.

- Conduct a social media audit during fall term to understand how we can better engage with our audiences.

-Work with the EiC and the business side to find new ways to responsibly monetize content on social media platforms.

- Hire social media producers and train them.

- Develop outlined training procedures for social desk

- Maintain a balance between tweeting from the Emerald’s account as well as promoting Emerald reporters on Twitter.

- Monitor social analytics and trends to build the Emerald’s online following.

- Monitor the algorithm changes on social media platforms and how the Emerald can adapt to them.

- Further our goal of opening up the newsroom to campus and showing our audience how we do our job.

- Work closely with each newsroom desk to develop strategies on how to push content for that specific part of the Emerald. That process would include coordinating live video streams and live tweeting sessions for important events and/or breaking news coverage.


Engagement editor essay questions:

-Pick a platform that the Emerald uses and critique what is working well on that platform and what we could improve.

-The Emerald has a reputation to maintain in terms of editorial credibility, but it also must find new ways to increase revenue. What are you views on sponsored content being promoted on social media?

-Please briefly describe (roughly 300 words) how you would execute the Emerald’s social media strategy next year. How would you organize the desk and delegate tasks to producers? Don’t be afraid to think big.

-Please pick a news outlet you follow on a platform and critique how they use social media.


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