Amy D.

Nominee: Amy Dotson

Occupation: Finance Officer for Finance of America, Eugene 

One person can often be the crucial difference in making an impact on many, and Amy Dotson is a great example of how that ripple effect of kindness can work. Amy is often the person who goes above and beyond and cares where others may not, which is a sentiment we can all learn from. 

  • Why are you nominating this individual? Amy has provided tireless volunteerism for Junction City High School. Heading up many fundraisers, sponsoring fundraisers, spending time and money rebuilding the high school batting cages, paid for banners to honor seniors for 2020, in charge of concessions for games, heads up bottle drives and more. She works tirelessly to make high school kids enjoy their experience.

Is there a lesson we can learn from them? When you see a need, try to make time to help. One person can make all of the difference.