Jim Gregory

What did you major/minor in at the University of Oregon? How would you describe your time at UO and when did you graduate?

Political Science. In addition to the UO being a great college it was a place to make lifelong friends. 1976

Describe your career path, so far. Where are you working now and what are is your title?

I had been a journalist for six years prior to my editorship. Because the ODE was facing bankruptcy I was heavily involved in the business side functions, working with the Eugene Register Guard CFO. I found it interesting and two years later I moved from the news department to the business side. I was a department head at the Corvallis Gazette Times, The Herald of Everett, WA and Contra Costa Newspapers in Walnut Creek, CA. I am retired. My wife, Angela Carmen, and I divide the year between our homes in Bend, OR and Yuma, AZ

Describe your fondest memory relating to your time at the Daily Emerald

Memories, really. The Daily Emerald was staffed by great journalists and people. Every day was a different challenge with unique storylines.

Tell us about a time you managed a project at the Emerald. What was the process and the outcome?

When I became editor the Daily Emerald was essentially bankrupt due to lack of board oversite. We even owned downtown property and a senior citizen newspaper of which the board was unaware. Working closely with the new board and the chief financial officer of the Eugene Register Guard we put the newspaper on a profitable track.

How do you stay in touch with the team you worked with at the Emerald? Is there anyone you’d like to reconnect with?

Many of us who worked together see or talk to each often, especially during football season.