How/Why do you want to change the world? 

I want to change the world one individual at a time. I believe that we all have potential to become something better than our current selves. Guiding people to see their potential growth is world changing for me. 

What are you proud to have been involved with at University of Oregon? 

I am proud of Pi Beta Phi. As I entered college, I thought joining a sorority was a waste of time and money. I soon found out my speculations were entirely wrong. I found the good in fraternal organizations. I found leadership, lifelong friendships, personal growth, and irreplaceable memories. If you ever ask yourself, “Should I join that club or organization?.” Do it. Take the risk. Find your niche and don’t question the route.

Who is your biggest role model and why? 

I have several role models but my biggest one is my older brother. As cliche as it sounds, he taught me mostly everything I know about being an adult and navigating life. I watched his every move as a child and I still look up to him now. From how to tie my shoes to chasing after that internship that I may not have all the qualifications for, Charlie is the reason I have zest for life.

What are your goals after college? 

After college, I will be living out my dream and working for E&J Gallo in the wine and spirits industry. In July, I will be moving to Portland and diving into my new career within the Sales Leadership Development Program for E&J Gallo Wine.

Which fictional character is most like yourself?

I resonate the most with Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I do not stop until I get what I want in life. I make goals and I accomplish them without giving up. I entered college with numerous goals and I have successfully achieved each and every one of them (and a few extra, of course.) 

What is one fun fact about you? 

One fun fact about me is that I grew up showing animals in 4-H and it was a large part of my childhood!