How/Why do you want to change the world? 

I want to continue building on our understanding of human health and use that knowledge to make a positive impact on the lives of others. There is incredible potential in healthcare and medicine for improving lives and the well-being of our world, and I want to use that potential to help anyone I can.


What are you proud to have been involved with at University of Oregon? 

I am proud to have co-founded the Be Aware Save a Life (BASAL) organization here at UO. Centered around student health and safety, our goal is to provide the knowledge and confidence to students to act during emergencies. It is so important to look out for one another and be aware of our surroundings, furthering the growth and strength of the community. I am proud of the work BASAL has done to contribute to this initiative.


Who is your biggest role model and why? 

My dad. His unwavering strength and determination in anything he does is truly inspiring. He continually shows me that anything is possible if you work hard for it.


What are your goals after college? 

After graduation, I hope to attend medical school and eventually become a physician.


Which fictional character is most like yourself?

Buzz Lightyear. I relate to his leadership qualities and his care for friends and family, as well as the adventurous and logical approach he takes to life.


What is one fun fact about you? 

I am a certified scuba diver and have been diving in 6 different countries.