Personal Growth: The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz

Many people like to kick off the new year with resolutions and self improvement. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, is a short and simple book to get things rolling. This book is an appealing message to both those philosophically or spiritually minded. It covers four simple “agreements” that encourage you to live more to true yourself by letting go of attachments and embracing your strengths. The message is a simple yet necessary reminder to start the new year off right. 


Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Dune

Frank Herbert

Since being released as a major motion picture in October of 2021, Dune has been attracting more and more readers. This story follows Paul Atreides through a wonderfully influential and thought provoking adventure on his planet Arrakis. Dune has been highly inspirational in modern science fiction, so it’s not surprising that the narrative seamlessly weaves it’s reader through many important topics like environmentalism, free will, and fear. This story is a relevant read for modern issues. 


Biography: Bourdain The Definitive Oral Biography 

Laurie Woolever

This book is a collection of interviews from people closest to Anthony Bourdain; influential chef, documentarian and author. Bourdain impacted so many people during his travels and this newest biography outlines these connections to you, with pictures! In these interviews, friends and family recount the best and worst parts of it all. Bourdain’s motivations for wanting to tell other’s stories, his blind spots, vulnerabilities and so much more. A definite must read for anyone interested in exciting individuals. 


Fiction: Outlawed

Anna North

Outlawed takes place in a fictional account of the wild west, where small-mindedness and fear are rampant. North introduces us to an irresistibly courageous heroine, who forsakes everything for freedom and survival. The book details an exhilerating adventure in search of hope in the face of death, shining a feminist light on the kind of new beginnings the frontier offered. 


Self Help/Autobiography: Stay Sexy Don’t Get Murdered

Karen Kilgariff, Georgia Hardstark

From the voices of the podcast My Favorite Murder, come this highly personal and funny memoir and guide. It takes you through issues of depression, addiction, and more, highlighting some of the author's most formative life experiences. This book connects you to the authors while guiding you through how not to make the same mistakes they did. The authors advocate for safety and self protection, all while describing the same kind of true crime stories featured in their shows. 


Horror: The Hollow Places

T. Kingfisher

One Goodreads reviewer described this as “Narnia from Hell”. Rightfully so, because much like those books, the main character discovers secret portals that transport her to horrifying places after moving in with her Uncle. Reader’s worst nightmares are conjured once she steps into the portal and just when you think you’ve escaped, Kingfisher brings you back for more. Dark, gory, twisted, the ideal book to read in the dark. 


Romance: The People We Meet on Vacation

Emily Henry

There are so many tropes to love with this one; opposites attract, second-chance love, and friends to lovers. Poppy and Alex couldn’t be more different, but that never stopped them from being friends. For years they always spent one week each year vacationing together until something big ruins their relationship. Henry brings us a tear jerker of a romance that's just the right amount clever and fluffy. This book will have you wishing for a connection like this!