Podlandia: Should you make a podcast?

Welcome to Podlandia, a new mini-series from the Emerald Media Podcast Network designed for podcasters, by podcasters, and for everyone lookng to get started. The first episode of the series tackles the radio industry: how has it changed over the years, and as podcasts reach the height of their boom, should you start your own? If you’re looking to start a podcast, this is the series for you.

The next episode will feature two podcasters launching their own series from the bedrooms.

This series is reported, and produced by Alec Cowan, with original music and artwork produced by him also.

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Alec Cowan

Alec Cowan

Alec Cowan is the Podcast Editor for the Emerald. He spends most of his time purchasing books he doesn't read and listening to podcasts to sound more smarter.