University Senate votes to change course evaluations and evaluate differential tuition

The University Senate voted to change course evaluations and create a task force for evaluating differential tuition at its meeting Wednesday.  

Course Evaluations:

The University Senate voted to change course evaluations to mitigate bias and better evaluate instructors at the university.

The changes came after a study that found the previous evaluations to be biased against women and minorities.

These changes include adding a midterm student review and making all course evaluations anonymous.

The initial proposal stated numerical ranking systems would be eliminated by fall 2018. The proposal was changed to instead keep the numerical ranking for now to allow the task force more time to create a stronger replacement for the ranking by winter 2019.

However, if the task force completes the replacement for the end of term evaluation by the middle of fall term, it will be voted on by the Senate and implemented by the end of fall term 2018.

You can read more about the changes at the Provost’s website.

The motion was sponsored by Bill Harbaugh, Senate vice president, and Sierra Dawson, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

Differential Tuition:

The University Senate voted unanimously to create a task force to evaluate the guidelines for creating differential tuition.  

The task force is aimed to review how the university grants differential tuition because there are currently no formal guidelines in place for determining differential tuition.

Faculty, students and administrators will serve on the task force and will guide conversations around the purpose of differential tuition and the “moral questions” surrounding it, according to Amy Schenk, the sponsor of the resolution and ASUO President.

The resolution also requests schools within the university to hold all proposals for differential tuition until the guidelines are in place.

This task force will create a report and recommendations for University President Michael Schill by Nov. 15.

The Board of Trustees passed differential tuition for the Lundquist School of Business last March.

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