United UO is banned from ground campaigning with two hours left to vote

Barely 24 hours after the ASUO Elections Board first penalized United UO for violating election rules — the major of the two violations from Wednesday was for campaigning in University Housing — the board is again disciplining United UO for campaigning in University Housing.

An anonymous residence assistant filed a grievance to the board on Thursday, April 12 claiming to have seen representatives from United UO knocking on residents’ doors in Walton Hall and pitching their slate, according to board documents. After examining the ASUO election rules, the RA contacted the board.

The board is banning United UO from ground campaigning for the remainder of the election season, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. today.

“Because the end of ground campaigning is imminent, we are unable to enact as strong a violation as we believe is necessary,” the board wrote. “This rule is stated very clearly and adherence to it is critical in furthering a fair election.”

The board wrote that it will consider extending the penalty if the election continues in a runoff.

UO students can vote for ASUO representatives and legislative measures until 4 p.m. on DuckWeb.

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