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Review: Brockhampton interrupts its own rambunctious performance for an extended Q&A with fans at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom

Los Angeles-based rap collective and self-proclaimed boy band Brockhampton brought a lively, humor-filled performance to Portland’s Crystal Ballroom on Friday night. The concert marked the first time the group had performed in Oregon since its show at Euegne’s WOW Hall last October.

Just after 9 p.m., the band took the stage with great energy while performing “BOOGIE,” the lead single from its most recent album, “SATURATION III.” Each member wore an orange jumpsuit that, along with a painted blue face, has become an iconic look for the band. Several audience members were sporting similar outfits.

The collective frequently interacted with the audience throughout the performance, engaging in many sing-a-longs, call and responses and vulgar chants. Abstract stopped the performance toward the end of the set, jokingly claiming that the group was finished playing.

“We don’t have any more songs to play, Portland,” Abstract said. “It’s a damn shame, Portland. It’s a mother fucking shame.”

Abstract then opened the floor to the audience by asking: “Anyone got any questions for Brockhampton?” Like eager children at an elementary school show and tell, many crowd members threw their sweaty hands high into the air above their heads.

Abstract handed the mic to several fans to ask questions over the venue’s loudspeakers.

“When are you and Jaden going to get married?” asked one fan in reference to recent rumors that Abstract and actor/performer Jaden Smith are dating.

“We’re getting married tomorrow. We’re gonna live stream it,” Abstract said in response.

“Who’s gonna be the first featured artist on a Brockhampton track?” asked another eager fan.

“Lil Uzi Vert,” Abstract said without a second of hesitation. But fans shouldn’t count on any of Abstract’s answers as official announcements as he is known to use often be sarcastic.  

After the extended Q&A break, Abstract quieted the crowd with a loud “shhhhhhh.” Not a single sound could be heard throughout the venue. That was until the band broke the silence by erupting into a rambunctious performance of “BUMP.”

The collective finished its initial set with a performance of “BLEACH,” by far the group’s most popular song from its most recent album, “SATURATION III.” After cutting the music, Abstract lead the audience in an a capella rendition of the song’s chorus. “Who got the feeling? Tell me why I cry when I feel it / Tell me why, tell me why,” the room echoed for an extended period of time.

The collective showcased its ability to span across multiple moods, taking the audience on a rollercoaster of highs and lows throughout the night. One moment would be filled with hysterical scream-rapping and the next with emotional ballad-like choruses.

Abstract left the stage after quickly thanking the crowd. Brockhampton member Bearface returned for a solo two-song set before Abstract returned to deliver an a capella melody of some of the band’s most popular songs.

The entire Brockhampton lineup returned to the stage, performing a lively rendition of “HEAT” as the night’s finale. Abstract thanked the crowd one more time before he and the rest of the band made their final exit.

“Portland, you’ve been an amazing crowd. We’ll be back! Bye,” he said.

















Untitled TEAM EFFORT Track


Bearface set:




Acapella melody of LAMB, MILK, GOLD, BOYS and STAR


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