UO supports prospective students who wish to protest in gun-control walkout

The University of Oregon’s official Twitter put out a tweet this morning in support of walk-out protests for gun control. The tweet was aimed at high school students who may apply to universities but may be afraid to protest in walkouts.

The University of Oregon joins hundreds of universities and colleges around the country that support the protests and pledge that participating won’t negatively affect applications to the schools, including Cornell University and MIT.

The UO tweet reads, “With a long tradition of standing for what we believe in, we are proud to support students who participate in peaceful walkouts for gun control. This will not jeopardize your admissions process in any way.”

There is a walk-out planned on March 14 at 10 a.m. in the EMU by the UO College Democrats in conjunction with Women’s March Youth EMPOWER, according to a public Facebook page for the event. The walk-out will last 17 minutes.

The event description explains that the reason for the protest is, “to protest Congress’ inaction to do MORE than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to the gun violence plaguing our schools and neighborhoods.”

UO College Democrats president Hannah Argento-McCurdy commended UO for its support.

“I appreciate UO’s support and response to high school students taking strong stances against gun control,” Argento-McCurdy said.

A representative from UO was not immediately available for comment.

The tweet has received a fairly even split of positive and negative replies at the time of publication.

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