Photos: The LGBTQA3 Alliance holds Dungeons and Drag Queens the annual drag show

Monique performs “Shape of You.” The LGBTQA3 Alliance holds its annual drag show at the EMU Ballroom in Eugene, Oregon on February 3, 2018. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

The final moment of Button and Sophorn’s “Marry the Night” performance. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Chartreuse performs a tribute to the recent fallen LGBT victims. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Button during the “Marry the Night” performance. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Tips for Clarice from the audience. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Button and Sophorn perform “Marry the Night” together. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Show Host Karess Ann Slaughter laughs as she introduces the next performer. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Clarice holds a rose thrown by a fan during her “Schoolin’ Life” performance. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Show Host Monique performs “I Think About You.” (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Chartreuse performs “I Bring the Trek.” (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Clarice San Carlos performs “Dangerous Woman.” (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Sophorn performs “In Your Phone.” (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Big Dusty performs “I Put a Spell on You.” (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Button performs “She Wolf.” (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Langley Chi Chi performs “Fierce.” (Devin Roux/Emerald)


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Devin Roux

Devin Roux