Despite shooting, decline in crime over winter break

During winter break, most UO students and staff were away from campus, but this did not mean that crime on or around campus stopped. It did, however, slow down.

Over winter break, which started on Dec. 9 and ended on Jan. 7, there were 50 crimes reported to the UOPD. The most common crime was theft and DUII — 11 reported cases over the break. Another common crime was burglary, of which there were 6 during the span.

The most notable crime over the break was a shooting that occurred at the Courtside Apartments near Matthew Knight Arena. The shooting occurred on Dec. 17 around 9 p.m. Police believe that the shooting was carried out by Jacob “Jay” Timothy

Left: Cody Duk-Woo Moore, age 19. Right: 23-year-old Jacob “Jay” Timothy Richter-Shea, aka “Smoke.” (Courtesy of Eugene Police)

Richter-Shea, 23, and Cody Duk-Woo Moore, 19. The two suspects showed up to the apartments with masks on and had knocked on a door on the fourth floor of the building before the shooting took place.

The two suspects were found dead four days after the shooting, from self-inflicted gunshots. They were found by SWAT after Clark County deputies received a tip of their location in Southwest Washington.

Other than the shooting near campus there weren’t any crimes that stood out. Most of the crimes were property crimes like theft, trespassing or criminal mischief.

Of the 50 crimes reported, 12 of them occurred at or near a building on the main UO campus.  

Seventeen of the crimes resulted in an arrest made by the UOPD, one crime is still an open investigation and seven crimes resulted in the suspects receiving a citation. But 24 crimes are listed as closed either because there is not sufficient information to determine a suspect or no further investigation is required and the final crime was investigated by another agency that is not the UOPD.

Compared to the month of October, when school was in session for 22 days, it only took the first 15 days to hit the 50-crimes-reported mark. In total there were 110 crimes reported in October, which is over double the amount that occurred over the month-long break.

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