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Emerald Recommends: Songs for the Civil War

Whether watching at Autzen Stadium or at home rooting for the Ducks with family, Ducks fans sure know how to rock game day. Find songs to listen to as the Ducks play the Oregon State University Beavers in the 121st Civil War below.

‘Fuck You’ — CeeLo Green

No song combines spitefulness and liveliness like CeeLo Green’s 2010 hit, “Fuck You.” The song’s contrasting message encapsulates the state of mind tailgaters will be in at this weekend’s Civil War football game when the Ducks face off against Oregon State’s Beavers. Fans can boost their spirits with the song’s upbeat tempo and poppy melody. But more importantly, the song will inspire vibrant solidarity among tailgaters getting ready for the last game of the regular season between rivals. Although the song’s collaborators Green, Bruno Mars and The Smeezingtons wrote the song about the music industry, the point of the song is perfect for energizing football fans against their rivals.

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)’ — Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 recording of  “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” is one of the most infamous displays of electric guitar virtuosity ever recorded. The confident dominance Jimi Hendrix exhibits on the song can only be attempted to emulate. The track is applicable in many ways: it works well in the parking lot outside of Autzen when it’s time to crack open a cold one. It works in the stadium as the green and yellow rush the field. Its grittiness is unignorable, and Jimi’s powerful vocal style flows effortlessly as if to say, “this won’t take much sweat.”

‘Joker And The Thief’ — Wolfmother

Anyone who has attended a University of Oregon football game in the last decade or so knows that Wolfmother’s “Joker And The Thief” is the best song to listen to on game day. Autzen Stadium, the home of the Ducks, has played the song prior to kickoff for years now. The song fits so perfectly it almost seems as if the band wrote it with Ducks fans in mind. Driving, distorted guitar, thundering bass and bouncy drums make it near impossible for anxious football fans not to jump. Though the song is sure to be heard on Austen’s PA speakers before kickoff, there’s no reason it can’t be heard at tailgates and pregames throughout Eugene.

Seven Nation Army’ — The White Stripes

From the band’s 2003 album, “Elephant,” “Seven Nation Army” has become a must-play at any major sporting event. The opening sequence of the song, with constant, thumping drums combined with a moody guitar riff gives the listener a feeling of anticipation. That calm-before-the-storm sensation is then shattered as the electric guitar pounds through, emphasizing the bassline with gusto. The pump-up effect of the song is magnified further when played at large gatherings of frenzied football fans, making it a critical song for Duck fans’ tailgate playlist.  

Be True To Your School’ —  The Beach Boys

“Now what’s a matter, buddy / Ain’t you heard of my school,” Mike Love asks on the Beach Boys classic, “Be True To Your School.” Some might find the extreme devotion displayed in these lyrics  — “Be true to your school / Just like you would to your girl or guy” — to be a bit comical; however, those people are just incapable of wrapping their heads around the basic concepts of pride, spirit and loyalty. As always, the Beach Boys provide excellent vocal harmonies along with infectious pop songwriting on this track. After listening to this song, even the least enthusiastic student will be inspired to stand up for their school in the face of any “loud braggart.”


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