Podcast: Horchata Squad, ep. 2: deconstructing machismo


Horchata Squad is a four-part Hispanic Heritage month podcast hosted by Latinx siblings Veronica Fernandez-Alvarado and Ricardo Alvarado celebrating the culture, history and accomplishments of Latinxs. In this episode, Veronica and Ricardo deconstruct the concept of machismo, discussing how they’ve seen it within Latinx culture and their personal lives.

Music in this episode is Tu Solo, Tu by Selena and Fertilizer by Frank Ocean.

This episode was produced by Veronica Feranandez-Alvarado and Alec Cowan.

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Alec Cowan

Alec Cowan

Alec Cowan is the Podcast Editor for the Emerald. He spends most of his time purchasing books he doesn't read and listening to podcasts to sound more smarter.