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Podcast: 20/20: What Charlottesville means to Eugene then, now and in the future



In this pilot episode of 20/20, host Alec Cowan dives into a topic affecting the university community both now and in the past. This episode’s topic? Charlottesville, which has spurred a national conversation about the meaning of memorials and the right to rally. This episode features Sararosa Davies, the Senior Arts and Culture Editor and a reporter that covered the solidarity rally on August 14th, and Billy Manggala, who wrote a column in April concerning the presence of two white nationalists on the university campus. Each brings a perspective into the community’s reaction to symbols of history, racism and a lasting political climate that struggles to find a balance in the freedom of speech.

Recommended reading from this episode:

Sararosa Davies’ news article titled Eugene community gathers in response to Charlottesville.

Billy Manggala’s column from April titled UO needs to address that white nationalists were on campus.

Andy Field’s June story titled Dunn Hall is now renamed Unthank Hall.

Troy Shinn’s story from August 2016 titled Minorities still feel Eugene’s historical link to the Ku Klux Klan.

Music in this episode is Vanagon, Trailways A and A1 Rogue by Podington Bear.

This episode was produced by Alec Cowan.


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