Triple digit temperatures set to take a toll on UO buildings

The University of Oregon is preparing for this week’s blistering forecast by asking buildings to take certain precautions. Some departments and units will struggle with the heat more than others.

Temperatures in Eugene will peak on Wednesday, rising as high as 108 degrees according to Weather.com.

Those without air conditioning will struggle to escape the heat according to Northwest Weather Services. A tweet sent out Monday afternoon suggested the only time that open windows would provide solace would be between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

An email sent to residents of the EMU instructed that all windows and blinds should remain closed for the week in order to maintain a cool environment.

According to the email, the EMU is designed to offset the outside temperature by 20 degrees. This process “functions well when when the outside temperatures are around 85 degrees,” the email read, but the projection of four consecutive days of temperatures of 100 degrees or more is causing complications.

“We will do everything we can to control the temperatures inside the building,” the email read, but the system will be taxed trying to deal with the heat and no specifics could be offered as to what other steps are being taken.

Last year PLC residents were sent a list of tips to stay cool. Some suggestions included sitting forward in chairs and turning off overhead lights.

UO sent out an alert for faculty and staff early Monday evening with instructions concerning the heat wave. Faculty teaching classes in rooms without adequate air conditioning will attempt to change locations for the week.

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