Students celebrate Holi with lots of color

Around 60-70 students attended the Holi festival at the Memorial Quad at 6 p.m. Friday. Holi is a Hindu Holiday celebrating the arrival of spring. The event was hosted by UO student group Students of the Indian Subcontinent.

Students threw colored cornstarch powder on each other and into the air. Colorful clouds of powder hung over everyone. Upbeat Indian music was played through a sound system. People of all ages participated. SIS provided snacks and drinks for attendees.

Ashley Cordes and Sudhanshu Sane in the midsts of a color fight. UO Students of the Indian Subcontinent threw the 2017 Holi Festival in front of the Knight Library. (Ben Green/Daily Emerald)

In past years, up to 1,000 students have attended Holi at UO.

This year the weather was fairly cold and rainy.

Holi is celebrated yearly at the University of Oregon. Although Holi is usually celebrated in the Spring between February and March in India, at UO the weather is too cold, so it is celebrated in June.

The origin of Holi is based on a mythological story about the demoness Holika, who was killed in a fire by the god Vishnu. The festival represented the celebration of good versus evil. Holi is celebrated all over the Indian subcontinent, and all over the world by Hindu communities.

Now, according to Rishika Krishna, UO student and incoming president and director of SIS, Holi has a romantic association and it is a day to celebrate and be with family and friends. “It has the Hindu mythological background, but now it’s more associated with people getting together and having fun,” she said.

According to Krishna, anyone is welcome to join, even if they don’t usually celebrate Hindu holidays or know much about the history behind the festival.

“It’s the one time of year that anybody from any family can come together and celebrate,” she said.

“If you watch Bollywood, Holi is always associated with a romantic fling coming to be,” Krishna said, “because it’s the one day where anything can happen.”

Josh Ryerson and Hugo Pineda dumping an umbrella full of color onto their friends. (Ben Green/Daily Emerald)


Ashley Cordes whipping her hair back and forth at the Holi festival. (Ben Green/Daily Emerald)


Josh Ryerson and Hugo Pineda enjoying the Holi festival. (Ben Green/Daily Emerald)


Achyuthan Ramaswany throwing color at his friend. (Ben Green/Daily Emerald)


UO students: Zee Aspandiar, Karishma Shah, David Widder, and Adam Carlton enjoying the Holi festival. (Ben Green/Daily Emerald)


Sudhanshu Sane taking a break at the Holi Festival. (Ben Green/Daily Emerald)

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