Man arrested outside Campbell Club on marijuana DUI suspicion

Eugene Police arrested a man in the alley next to the Campbell Club today around 3 p.m. At least three cop cars surrounded the building. According to EPD, an arrest took place after police cars followed a driver who failed to yield to police and exited the vehicle with a knife on his belt.

Police said that officers attempted to stop the man at a light because marijuana smoke was emerging from his car. The officer followed the car until the driver pulled over in the alley next to the Campbell Club. Police drew guns during the arrest.

“He was uncooperative, so the officers had to do a high-risk stop with him and then took him into custody,” said officer Richard Bremer.  Officer Scott Felman performed the arrest.

Police searched the silver car that “Indie” stepped out of after a brief chase. (Cooper Green/Emerald)

The man was taken into custody under suspicion of a DUI. There was no present danger, according to officers on the scene.

The President of the Campbell Club, who goes by Jimi Wood, witnessed the incident from the Campbell Club and knows the suspect.

“He had his arms spread, not threatening, kinda arguing back and forth with the cops but did everything they said,” Wood said. “They had their guns drawn on him for quite a while.”

Wood identified the man as “Indie,” and said that he lives at the Campbell club. Wood stated that Indie always carries a knife because he is a woodsman.

“He’s a big fucking sweetheart,” she said, who suspects that the officers may have assumed that Indie was dangerous because he is large and loud.

“I assume that he wasn’t intending to cause a police chase,” Wood said.

Cooper Green contributed reporting to this article.

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