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Gaming Week in Review: ‘Civilization 6’ demo, ‘Warhammer: Eternal Crusade’ goes free-to-play

Firaxis has released a free demo version of “Sid Meier’s Civilization 6” that allows players to play up to 60 turns

Civilization is the great-grandaddy of strategy video games that’s had players gritting their teeth and muttering “One. More. Turn.” for over 25 years. Whether you’re still stuck on “Civilization 5” or haven’t put together the cash to pick up the latest installment, there’s a new way to get that 4X fix you might be looking for.

Right now you can download the 60-turn demo version of “Civilization 6” for free on the game’s official website. When players hit that 60-turn limit, you’ll be prompted to wither start a new game or given the option to buy the full version and continue where you left off. Video game demos have become an endangered species these days so it’s rather refreshing to see Firaxis dip back into the golden age of PC gaming.

If you’re out of the loop on the game’s new features, the latest installment has added city districts that can be managed, split the tech tree into two independent paths and added a religion-focused victory condition.

In addition to the new demo, Firaxis will soon be releasing Persia as a playable civilization, led by Cyrus II.

Watch the latest trailer for “Civilization 6” below:

“Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade” has gone free-to-play, but not as originally planned

“Warhammer 40k” fans have probably been keeping an eye on the long-awaited “Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade.” The game was met with quite a bit of critical reception following its release, with players and fans calling the business model “pay to win” and protesting several last-minute design choices.

One of these biggest changes was the removal of the “Free-to-Waagh!” option, which would have let players join the Ork faction for free by using the Ork’s iconic psychic mob mentality to power up large groups. Much to the dismay of fans, this feature was removed as it caused many balancing issues, according to the game’s development team.

But those wishing to give the game a spin will still have a chance without emptying their pockets. The game’s Carnage Edition is available for free. This free version of the game gives players access to the basic class for each of the game’s four factions: Space Marines, Chaos, Orks and Eldar. Additionally, free players have a substantially reduced progression rate, which can only be removed by upgrading to the full version or purchasing a substantial amount of in-game currency.

So if you’re a “Warhammer” fan or have just been looking to give the game a spin, now would be an opportune time. For the Emperor!

Watch the trailer below: 

New “Overwatch” hero Orisa is live now

The newest “Overwatch” hero Orisa is now live and fully playable in-game. Orisa is an unstoppable robotic quadruped tank with the ability to boost team damage. You can check out more detailed coverage of her debut here.

Watch Orisa’s launch trailer below:

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