Duck Days attracts prospects near and far

Duck Days attracted people far and wide as every available spot was filled Friday afternoon. Students and their families milled around the EMU Green, visiting tables set up by an array of campus groups.

The campus recruiting program is designed to bring high school juniors and seniors to campus. Friday’s was the second this year with five more happening in the next month and a half.

Casi Porter, a prospective student from Olathe, Kansas, said she is excited to join a diverse community.

“I feel like everyone in Kansas is like-minded,” Porter said. “And here, they’re not. There are a lot of different views.”

Porter’s father, Courtney, said he is excited for her to see the world.

“I keep telling her to get out of the Kansas area,” he said. “Go somewhere far away. There’s a whole world to see.”

The recruiting event is attracting locals too. Kyle Jorgensen is from Hillsboro, Oregon and his whole family went to UO.

“Our family went here and we know this place,” he said. “We’ve become very familiar with it throughout the years. So I always wanted to go here.”

Jorgensen’s dad, Mark, graduated from the advertising program in 1986.


Max Thornberry

Max Thornberry

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