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Gaming Week in Review: New ‘Overwatch’ hero Orisa and comic, ‘No Man’s Sky’ major update

Blizzard reveals the robotic Orisa as the newest ‘Overwatch’ character, as well as release Bastion and Torbjorn in their own comic

Heroes certainly never die, even less so when they can be rebuilt. Blizzard recently revealed its newest “Overwatch” hero, the reconstructed  Numbani security robot Orisa, who has since been made available for testing on the game’s public test realm. This new hero is slated for full release in late March. 

Orisa is a tank type hero that excels at charging into battle by boosting her defenses and becoming immune to root, knockback and speed altering effects. She is armed with an automatic gun that fires quickly and accurately, but also dramatically reduces her movement speed when used. Her ultimate deploys a supercharger, which significantly boosts the damage of all nearby allies until destroyed.

First created as an OR15 defense drone for the African city of Numbani, Orisa was rebuilt and enhanced by the 11-year-old engineer Efi Oladele, who gave the quadrupedal guardbot a more complex and more heroic personality matrix. Alongside Orisa’s introduction, we get some insight into the mysterious background character Doomfist, who seems to have wiped out the entire OR15 line during a rampage. We’ll have to wait and see whether it’s just another glimpse into “Overwatch’s” drip-fed backstory or a teaser of what’s to come.

Speaking of the “Overwatch” backstory, two of the game’s heavy hitting defenders meet up for the first time in Blizzard’s latest free comic release, “Binary.” The comic follows the fledgling adventures of Bastion, one of the last in a line of dangerous minigun-equipped security drones that caused havoc during the Omnic crisis. When Bastion sightings cause panic across the German countryside, their guilt-stricken creator answers the call, only to be surprised when the alleged deathbot is instead making friends with woodland critters.

You can learn more about Orisa here and read the latest comic here.

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Watch the first trailer for Orisa below:

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‘No Man’s Sky’ has received its second update that includes a huge host of new features, including vehicles, new multi-tools types, graphic updates and much more

Earlier this year, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the developers of “No Man’s Sky” had not engaged in any deceptive advertising practices after months of heated online debate, but that didn’t stop many from walking away from the controversy with a bad taste in their mouth. 

A huge point in Hello Games’ favor has been its fairly massive free content drops over the year since the game’s release. The “Foundation” update was the first and added an array of homesteading type features to the game, including base creation, farming and the ability to purchase orbital freighters to alleviate the game’s minimalist inventory system. The latest update takes things a step further by adding some new toys to make your deep space exploration a little more interesting.

The “Pathfinder” seems to be all about blazing new trails. There are new ship varieties, and now players can have multiple ships at once. There are now four types of multi-tool, each with a different specialization, such as a rifle for combat, an experimental scanner for research and even rare alien themed equipment with special bonuses. There’s also a variety of vehicles called exocraft, which allow players to quickly and efficiently traverse planets with either a sleek hovercraft called the Nomad, a bouncy buggy named the Roamer or a hulking carrier known as the Colossus. 

The base feature has also been greatly expanded upon with the addition of online base sharing, which has a special section on the Steam client to easily share space-age hovels with friends. 

Additionally, there is a host of graphical and audio improvements, as well as a photo mode to capture the most interesting of your randomly generated worlds. 

So whether you’ve been holding out to see if the game shapes up or just want to see what all the fuss has been about, you can pick up the game on PC, Playstation 4 or Xbox One. The game is currently available for 40 percent off in celebration of the new update. 

You can learn more on the game’s official website.

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Watch the latest trailer below:

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