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‘Wayne’s World’ celebrates its 25th anniversary

On this day in 1992, Saturday Night Live’s iconic film Wayne’s World first appeared in theaters across the U.S. Based on the long-time SNL sketch hosted by cast members Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, the film captured the post-rock ‘n’ roll nostalgia that many young adults felt in the early ‘90s.

Even 25 years after its release Wayne’s World continues to be considered an all-time comedy classic and an icon of pop culture at the time. While most people won’t ever host a public-access TV show in their parents basement, young adults can still relate to Wayne and Garth’s shenanigans.

There’s something about the youthful ignorance and stupidity that is so elegantly portrayed in Wayne’s World that gives viewers a sense of nostalgia.

The cheesy one-liners and drawn-out cutaways are certainly cornerstones of the film that help create this sense of youth and immaturity. Catchphrases from the movie such as “Schwing,” “Party on!” and “That’s what she said” can still be heard echoing through adolescent sleepovers and college frat parties everywhere.

Countless examples could be used to portray this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, but no scene better captures this innocence of youth than the infamous “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene.

“That scene is the epitome of youthful exuberance,” director Penelope Spheeris told Rolling Stone in 2015. “I think people that are that age love to feel that way, and people that are older love to remember how that felt and people that are younger, they want to feel that way.”

The movie’s memorable jokes might be what Wayne’s World is best remembered for, but the way the movie adapts a classic love story to fit the life of a dorky, suburban teenager is what keeps the film relevant for viewers today.

Weaving this archetypal love story through scenes that are relatable to its audience might be the film’s most outstanding accomplishment. Conversations of love and destiny are subtly intermingled with scenes of singing songs while aimlessly driving around and uncontrollably laughing at dumb inside jokes.

There have been plenty of movies written about the loser guy getting the popular girl. But there is only one movie that tells a love story for all the guys who are deemed dorks, nerds or losers. Wayne’s World is truly the love anthem for all of those who consider themselves “not worthy” of finding true love or achieving a happy ending.

While there were many notable guest appearances, much of the movie’s success has been credited to its original creators, Myers and Carvey. With help from Spheeris, the comedic duo seamlessly transformed their well-known sketch into a full length-feature film.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Spheeris raved about the former SNL cast members.

“They were great. Just like any great comedy team, they are always trying to one-up each other. So Dana would come up with an idea and then Mike would build on it and it just kept evolving.”

Ever since his success starring in the Shrek and Austin Powers series in the early 2000’s, Myers has mostly kept out of the public arena. A few SNL cameos and several Shrek sequels pretty much sums up his last decade of work. Lately, Myers has been more active.

Myers signed a two-year contract with cable network HBO earlier this year. While details of the deal haven’t been released yet, the signing could be an indicator that the longtime SNL comedian is mounting a career comeback.

This month, Myers was cast as the well-known improv actor and instructor Del Close in an upcoming biopic directed by Betty Thomas. The movie is set to be released in the fall of 2017.

In honor of the Wayne’s World’s anniversary, the film’s setting of Aurora, Illinois, will be hosting the a six-month long anniversary celebration.

The Chicago suburb will hold an anniversary bash for the movie that put the small town on the map. Lasting all the way through July 4, the celebration will include a look-a-like competition, an air guitar contest and a doughnut eat-off hosted by the fictional shop featured in the movie, Stan Mikita’s Donuts.

Movie theaters across the nation will have showtimes for Wayne’s World in honor of the film’s anniversary. In the Eugene area, both the Valley River Center and the Cinemark 17 theater hosted showings for the film last Tuesday night.

With the movie’s anniversary approaching, there was a lot of speculation surrounding rumors of a possible new Wayne’s World. When asked about a possible remake during an interview with CTV News, Myers’ didn’t seem too optimistic, but he wasn’t totally opposed to the idea.

“It would be an interesting examination of Wayne at 50. I don’t know what it would look like, but the idea of it makes me laugh and Dana [Carvey] and I had a blast at [Saturday Night Live’s] 40th anniversary, so I don’t know.”

Whether you make it to Aurora for the celebration or just watch it from your couch, be sure to pay homage to this classic movie on its 25th anniversary.

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