January campus crime wrap-up

UOPD responded to 65 crimes in January, according to its Clery crime log. This is up from 45 in December when school wasn’t in session.

Notable crime reports include burglaries at Deady and Lawrence halls, six DUIIs, 21 cases of theft or unlawful entry of a motor vehicle and a rape at the UO family/graduate student housing.

The Lawrence Hall burglary occurred on Jan. 20 at 3:30 a.m., when a UOPD officer was called to investigate what appeared to be a man sleeping in room 279. The officer found that Julius Ray Kamya, 30, had “unlawfully entered the building, taken a pair of safety glasses and food he had found in a refrigerator and was sleeping in the room.” Kamya was arrested and has been barred from UO property for 18 months.

Here’s the full breakdown of January crimes:

January 1:



January 2:

Burglary 2, Theft 2, Criminal Mischief

January 4:

Burglary 2, Theft 1

January 5:

Burglary 2, Criminal Mischief 1


Reckless Burning

January 6:

Criminal Mischief 2- Graffiti

January 7:


Possession of Meth

January 9:

Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, Possess Meth, Theft 1, Identity Theft, False Info to Police

Bicycle Theft 2

Theft 2 – Bike

January 10:

Theft 2 – Shoplift

Criminal Mischief 2 – Graffiti

Forgery 2, Theft 2 by Deception, Possess Forged Instrument

Theft 2 – Shoplift

Criminal Possession of Rented or Leased Property, Theft by Sales

UEMV, Theft 3, Criminal Mischief

January 11:

Theft 1

Unauthorized Use Vehicle

January 12:

Warrant Arrest

January 13:

Bicycle Theft 2

Telephone Harassment

Theft 2 – Shoplift

January 14:

Theft 1

January 15:


January 17:

Assault 1

Theft 1, Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle, Criminal Mischief 2

Attempted Harassment

January 18:


January 19:

Forgery 1

Theft 2 from Vehicle, Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle

January 20:

Burglary 2

Warrant Arrest

Identity Theft, Theft 2

Theft 3 – Shoplift

Physical Harassment


January 21:

Disorderly conduct

January 22:

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Theft 2 – Shoplift

Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle, Theft 2, Criminal Mischief 2, Fraudulent Use Credit Card, Theft 2 by Deception

January 23:

Criminal Mischief 2 – Graffiti

Theft 3 – Shoplift

Theft 2 – Shoplift

Theft 3

Criminal Trespass

Bicycle Theft 1, Interfere w/Police, Disorderly Conduct

Warrant Arrest

January 24:

Telephonic Harassment

January 26:

Assault 4 – APA

Recovered Stolen Vehicle


January 27:


Theft 2 from Vehicle, Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle

January 28:

Theft 1 from Vehicle, Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle

Theft 1 from Vehicle, Unlawful Entry Motor

Minor Possession Alcohol

January 29:

Theft 3

Warrant Arrest

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