Senate Wrap-Up Jan. 25

Senate had a busy evening this week and we went to cover it! Here’s the recap.

Ten student organizations requested more funds or a reallocation of current funds during Wednesday’s Senate meeting.

First up was Student Mental Health Advocates. SMHA works with the National Alliance of Mental Illness to better aid students suffering from stress and mental illnesses.

The group requested a transfer of $200 into a food budget so that they can hold events to increase awareness for students. Senate approved the request.

Askelpiads is a pre-med student organization on campus that requested $2,977 be transferred from their existing budget that was intended for a past trip to UC Davis to be used for a future trip to OHSU. Students studying different areas of the healthcare field will be able to use the funds to get further training and attend speaker conferences. Senate approved the transfer.

Senate approved a request from The University of Oregon Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble for $590 to cover fees for upcoming competitions for their members. This request covers all members within the ensemble and associated fees.  

The Asian Culture Communication Association requested $1,500 for a photo exhibition. The hope for this exhibit is to expose people who might not be familiar with Asian culture to experience and learn about the diversity of Asia and the many cultures that reside there. The request was approved.

U R Awesome requested $100 for food and $50 for supplies for an upcoming dessert social. According to the group’s application, “Our Dessert Social is intended to be a social event for students to help create a stronger and more supportive community on campus. Students will be able to participate in speed friending activities that allow them to get to know their peers in a safe and inviting environment. Our main goal in hosting this event is that students will leave our event feeling more connected with their community and hopefully with at least one new friend.” Senate approved.

The UO West Coast Swing Club requested $925 for a dance convention at the Rose Garden in Portland. The group hopes to expand their exposure to different kinds of dance and build relationships with other groups who will be attending the convention. Senate approved the request by roll call vote.

BOTA asked for funding for a food budget for their group. The request was for $450 and, according to the group’s application, was intended to “encourage all UO students to attend and network with business professionals.” Senate declined BOTA’s request for funding because funds cannot be allocated to simply supply food for general group meetings. Food budget requests must be for special events.  

Students for Global Health requested allocating $700 towards weekly meetings and tabling events from one of their existing budgets. Senate approved.

Oregon Ballroom Dance Club requested $1,000 to be moved from an existing budget to a new budget so that they can bring in local professional dancers to teach members within the student group. Senate approved the request.

Women in Business requested to move $3,000 in a current budget to fund their upcoming gala event where students can have a one-on-one with professionals from various corporations in order to network and gain insight into various business roles. Seating is limited to 200 people. The total cost is estimated to be $13,000 and they have already raised $10,000.

There was controversy because of a past request that was not fully spent for the intended item and the group was requesting to move these funds from this past event to help fund this upcoming gala.

ASUO senate requested they return the excess funds back to surplus so that other organizations can use the surplus funds. The request was tabled for one week to further discuss the request and reduce costs. Some of the requested funds were going towards meals upwards of $27 as well as $1,000 for flower decorations.

After all the financial business was finished, the senate deliberated on creating a resolution in response to president Schill’s announcement that he will not recommend denaming Deady Hall. The announcement detailed efforts the university has taken to promote people of color on campus by actively seeking to increase student enrollment for African American students, creating a Black Cultural Center and denaming Dunn Hall. ASUO decided that they needed to publicly make a statement as well because they represent the student body. A working group was created to craft a resolution.

ASUO senate meetings take place every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the EMU Miller Room.

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Miguel Sanchez-Rutledge

Miguel Sanchez-Rutledge